What’s The Low Down on Lab Diamonds?

IGI Lab Grown Diamonds

What are lab grown diamonds?

Ethical? Check. Sustainable? Check. Conflict and blood free? Check. Oh, and did I mention they are completely identical to natural diamonds, beautiful…and affordable? There are a hundred and one great reasons to buy lab grown diamonds so let us get right to it.

Lab diamonds or cultured diamonds are man-made and identical to natural diamonds. They display the same chemical and optical characteristics of a natural diamond. They are grown in a matter of weeks and just like natural diamonds they are constructed of carbon atoms, so yes they are REAL. Lab grown diamonds use the same lab certification and inspection process as natural diamonds, where they are graded using the four C’s – cut, clarity, colour and carat.

Lab Diamonds Are Kind to The Environment and Are A Great Ethical Gemstone Option

2020 will go down as a year that we wont forget, from the dreaded P word ( dare I say Pandemic), to raging forest fires and turbulent weather systems ripping across the planet. I think we all want to do our bit for the environment. David Attenborough also joined Instagram and if you didn’t know that you must be living under a rock (no pun intended). So, looking at a sustainable option for an engagement ring surely is a big yes. Lab grown diamonds reduce environmental footprint massively, they use less water to produce, don’t require drilling deep down into our sacred planet. No plants or trees are harmed in this process AND many lab diamond companies are using renewable energy to run their facilities!

Are Lab Diamonds Really Conflict-Free?

Another great plus about lab grown diamonds is that they are guaranteed to be conflict free. Although many natural diamond mining companies do ensure ethical conditions for their workers some unfortunately do not. Making sure you are buying ethically requires time and research, and although it’s great to scroll through Google researching your ethical diamond, we are busy, and time is precious. Instead, you could save time choosing a stunningly beautiful lab grown diamond engagement ring leaving you plenty of time to hint at your partner. Plus, you can sleep well at night knowing you made a 100 percent ethical choice…ah that’s lovely.

Cultivated Lab Diamonds Are Great Value for Money

Lab Grown Solitaire

Are there more great things about lab grown diamonds? Yes, there sure are so let us continue, shall we? Lab grown diamonds have an attractive price point. Engagement celebrations and weddings are expensive, champagne, champagne more champagne, food, venues, fashion the list goes on. So, if you’re someone who looking to keep within budget but at the same time wants a showstopper rock that almost blinds the wedding photographer, then I have two words for you: LAB GROWN. They are approximately 30 percent less expensive than natural diamonds. Growing diamonds in a laboratory cuts out mining and supply chain costs massively, they go through less people’s hands and are grown in a matter of weeks. If you are choosing a large centre stone or solitaire check if the diamond is certified. The International Gemological Institute provides and excellent certification system comparable to their natural diamond certification. 

Diamonds As Accessible Luxury

Lab diamonds are also part of the move towards ‘accessible luxury ‘ which is a growing initiative within the fashion industry. The aim is to allow younger generations consume luxury on an accessible level. However, this isn’t just for youth audiences, accessible luxury is part of the movement towards inclusivity which we have seen across gender, race and sexuality. Brands such as Jacquemus – check them out if you haven’t heard of them already – have been dominating the fashion industry for the last couple of years because yes you’ve guessed it, it is affordable and for everyone. Lab grown diamonds are a bit like that, a more welcoming and exclusive option that can still hold beauty and emotion…yes please. Do not be totally fooled, lab grown diamonds can get pricey if you are willing to go the full monty. A 9ct cushion cut diamond could set you back $200,000. Still not bad considering a natural version could go for a whopping 5-6 million at auction!

The global diamond industry is worth approximately 80 billion a year, with lab grown diamonds only taking up about 2 billion of that. However, the lab grown industry is hopeful that with more and more awareness surrounding the environment that cultured/lab diamonds will be worth between 12-15 billion in the near future. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of our environment with 70 percent of millennials would be happy to choose a lab grown alternative.

So, there you have it, all the pros of lab diamonds. At the end of the day it is your special ring and the choice is all yours, lab grown and natural diamonds are both awesome and it’s about love not diamonds anyway…right guys?

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