How to Choose a Wedding Venue: Checklist & Guide

Wedding Venue Checklist
Now that you and your partner have settled on the date, the next big thing you will need to consider is your venue. Read our infographic guide below for a checklist on how to choose your wedding venue.

Selecting a venue for your wedding can be a difficult choice simply because of the huge array of options available. However, you can whittle down your options by asking yourself a few key questions at the outset. Firstly, think about how many guests you intend to invite. Secondly, how involved would you like to be in the wedding planning? And finally, do you want a religious ceremony?

Before You Choose: Wedding Venue Checklist

Once you have outlined your selection criteria, you can start your search. It’s good to identify what’s important to you and to create a unique wedding venue checklist with your significant other. We recommend using a spreadsheet to keep track all of your research on wedding venue ideas. You can also use this to keep on top of your communications with each of the prospective venues.

Should You Host Your Wedding in a Hotel or a Private Venue?

Whether you go for a hotel or a private venue will entirely depend on your initial selection criteria. You may find that one option makes more financial sense based on your unique needs. For example, in general hotels are a more sensible option for big weddings with 150+ guests. Whereas, more hands-on couples may prefer the greater control offered to them by private venues.

After You Choose: Wedding Venue Checklist

Once you have settled on a venue for your ceremony and reception, there are some additional details you will need to consider. These will depend on whether you have opted for a hotel or a private venue. To learn more about these, take a look at our infographic guide below which lays out a handy wedding venue checklist.

Wedding venue checklist infographic