Wedding Invite Etiquette

Make sure you manage the invites to your wedding correctly.
So, you are planning to get married in the Summer of 2019. Venue is booked and your favourite wedding band are free to play that date. With almost a year to go, you have plenty of time to let your friends and family abroad know when to book flights, so no excuses! Once you have the big things sorted,  with a little bit of foresight and organisation you will find that the little things will sort themselves out for The Big Day. Once the engagement ring is on the finger it is time to start planning. The more time you spend early on planning, the more time you will have to enjoy the final run-in to your wedding day. One of the most important things you need to get right is the etiquette around wedding invitations. Knowing who to invite, when to send out the invites and how to deal with RSVPs often requires the diplomatic skills of an an ambassador. Then there is the invite itself to be considered. What information to present and how to present it. Design is important. The type of wedding reception you are planning should be reflected in your invite design. If you are planning a country house wedding, choose a font that represents that style. Our infographic on wedding invitation etiquette below outlines some useful tips and tricks from wedding industry experts.
All you need to know about managaing wedding invites
Some useful tips from the experts on creating and managing wedding invitations.