The Beauty of Rubies

Ruby Engagement Ring

What Are Rubies?

Rubies are precious gemstones that come from the mineral corundrum, they are the red variety, as other colours from the same mineral are classified as Sapphires. Their colour is given by the presence of Chromium. The word ‘ruby’ comes from the Latin word ‘ruber’ due to their red hue. While most of them are red, there’s also orange and purple tints in some of them. 

Like most gemstones, rubies are created underground under extreme heat and pressure. Once the corundrum is exposed to chromium, it gets its distinctive red. If there are also traces of ferric iron, the stone will have pink or orange hues. The colour of rubies varies from bright red to reddish-brown.

The quality of rubies is determined mostly by its colour and clarity. Deep dark red, often called ‘pigeon blood’, is one of the most sought-after shades. Transparent rubies of large sizes are even rarer than diamonds, but a ruby that doesn’t have any imperfections, especially needle-like ones, might indicate that the stone has been treated to enhance its clarity or colour. All natural rubies have imperfections. Nowadays, almost all stones are treated somehow, heat treatment being the most used.

Is a Ruby hard wearing?

Rubies measure 9 in the Mohs Scale, meaning that the only natural stone harder than rubies are diamonds. They are tough and durable but the presence or chromium can cause cracks.

Where do Rubies come from?

The finest and rarest rubies come from Myanmar, previously known as Burma, these ones are often called Burmese Rubies and they have a beautiful different shade that is found nowhere else. Rubies can also be found in Australia, Cambodia, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Thailand and Vietnam, among others.

Sunrise Ruby

The most expensive ruby in the world is the Sunrise Ruby, a 29.59CT stone that was found in Myanmar. It is considered one of the world’s rarest gems. Gemologists say it is an excellent combination between well-proportioned cut, very attractive colour and an exceptional clarity. 

This unique ruby was sold in an auction in Geneva in 2015 for US$30.42 million

Ruby Solitaire Engagement Ring
1.50ct Ruby Solitaire Engagement Ring, Priced at €3,200.00

The largest ruby in the world is the 125 West Ruby, an unpolished, rough stone weighing almost 18,700CT!

125 West Ruby

Are Rubies Good for Engagement Rings?

Many people believe that rubies are excellent stones for engagement rings because of their association with love and passion. They are also said to represent strength and durability, which are important qualities in a marriage. Additionally, rubies are quite rare and valuable, making them a luxurious and unique choice for an engagement ring. 

When looking for the perfect ruby engagement ring, look for a stone that has a nice colour, depth and some transparency to it. There’s always going to be some imperfection, but that is exactly what will make the stone unique!

Here’s our favourite setting, a beautiful oval ruby surrounded by a diamond halo for extra sparkle and set on a thin yellow gold band

Popular Ruby Engagement Rings

Rubies have been known to be worn by several celebrities for their engagement rings

Victoria Beckham oval cut ruby set with a diamond halo

Can you wear Rubies every day?

If you are considering a ruby for your engagement ring, you may be wondering if you can wear it every day. The answer is yes! Rubies are one of the hardest gemstones, so they’re very durable and can withstand daily wear, making them a great choice for those who want to keep their engagement ring on all the time. Plus, they are simply stunning – who wouldn’t want to show off such a beautiful gemstone?

Katy Perry floral vintage ruby and diamonds

By choosing a ruby engagement ring you will have a unique piece that will show your own style and personality. This versatile gemstone looks incredible on any metal you choose so the possibilities are truly endless!

Stunning Oval Ruby Diamond Halo Engagement in 18k Yellow Gold

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