Irish Summer Wedding Inspiration

Summer weddings, oh what a jolly occasion!

If you are currently planning your own summer wedding, have a read of this blog post for some fun inspiration. We made a list of 10 things to have at your Irish summer wedding to make it that bit extra memorable & awesome.

  1. Ice cream truck/stand


There’s nothing quite like the hunger that hits you once the church ceremony bit is over. But now, imagine this scenario: you arrive at the reception, counting the hours you still have to wait until dinner is served, to then notice a lovely little ice cream truck there to be enjoyed.

Your guests will love you for having it! Perfect prop for the summer wedding. Plus everybody appreciates the sugar rush.

2. Cold drink refreshments


Who doesn’t love a cold beverage on a warm summer’s day?! This is especially appreciated if you have an outdoor ceremony, which lets be honest is very daring in the Irish weather, however has nonetheless hugely grown in popularity over the years.

3. Fish & Chips


Once again, you really can’t go wrong with having amazing food at your wedding! This could be served outdoors with drinks at the reception.

4. Lanterns


Lighting lanterns and watching them fly into the night sky (or into the sunset) will be an incredibly beautiful memory to treasure and cherish. Plus, you’ll get epic photos!

5. Floral Anklet


Floral headbands can be beautiful, but you don’t have to stop there! A floral anklet is a super cute accessory, especially if you are having a boho styled summer wedding or are wearing a dress that shows off your feet.

6. Flip flops for dancing


This will be very much appreciated once the pain of those uncomfortable high heels kicks in. It’s a little touch but goes a long way.

7. Balloons


Balloons are a great wedding decoration option and they make for great photos! Floral balloon arch is also a great alternative option to traditional floral arches.

8. Pimp your drinks station


It’s your big day, prosecco will be flowing, might as well make it extra special & yummy!

9. Quirky nail detail


Little details add so much value to the overall feeling of the day. We love these bridal nails!

10. Summer fruit appetizers


This list includes a lot of food, but it really is the food that is often one of the most memorable parts of the wedding day. If you get lucky with a hot day in Ireland, fruity snacks are ideal. Plus they look so pretty!


If you liked these ideas, check out our Summer Wedding Inspiration board on Pinterest for more!