Best Honeymooning Spots for an Array of Different Tastes

Blog Post: Best spots for honeymoons

So you’ve got your engagement ring & wedding ring sorted, and you’ve said your ‘i do’s’… What’s next on the schedule of life?

Well, of course, the best part of it all – the honeymoon!

In this post, we outline some of the best places for honeymooning for couples of different tastes & styles.


Does laying on the beach & sunbathing for days sound rather boring to you? Would you rather hike the mountains and snorkel the seas and backpack through jungles to see wildlife? These spots would be perfect for you:

Cape Town, South Africa – incredible hike to the Table Mountain, 4×4 tours, abseiling, acrobranching, aquarium diving, horseriding on the beach, canopy tours, boat tours, thrilling wildlife and much more. Basically, perfect location for adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts.

South Africa

Iceland – If sun holidays are not really your thing and you don’t mind the nippy weather, Iceland has a lot to offer. You can scuba dive between the fault line of two tectonic plates, discover secret hot springs, trek through lava fields, tubes, caves and a desert of black ash. If glacier hiking, watching Northern Lights and other out-of-this-world experiences make your heart race, this is for you. Iceland has gained popularity fast in the last few years as a great spot for honeymoons but considering all you can do there – why wouldn’t ya go?!

Peru, South America – If you are up for a challenging steep hike try Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountains where you are rewarded with glorious views and rich cultural history. A wide range of activities await – trekking with llamas, kayaking or white-water rafting, riding 4×4 quad bikes or horses to the spectacular Maras salt mines, Amazon jungle explorations and much more. Peru is a haven of adventure and culture.

Hiking in Peru

Corsica – rugged and beautiful, this French island offers excellent hiking possibilities with its GR20 trail being one of the toughest in Europe. The island is known for being a mecca for canyoning and climbing, and one can even book a seven-day individually tailored canyoning adventure. Popular activities include abseiling and scrambling down cliffs and jumping into rivers in some of the more remote areas of the island. Corsica’s scenery is unbelivably beautiful.


When you think of your ideal honeymoon, do you imagine tropical white sand beaches, turquoise blue water and laying in a hammock with a cocktail in your hand? If, so below are some of the best beaches for doing just that:

Bora-Bora: Dream like romantic setting, this Polynesian island is well-known all over the world for its high-class resorts, over-the-water bungalows, and tropical climate. A lot of high level A-listers spend their holidays there, so you might get to wave hi to Jennifer Aniston as you go for your morning swim. It’s been named as the world’s paradise island for a good reason.

Bora Bora Exotic destination

Corfu, Greece – Much closer to home, a beautiful gem called Corfu lies in the Greece islands. Gorgeous beaches with crystal blue waters and stunning landscapes await.

Corfu for a honeymoon

Koh Tao, Thailand – Popular for scuba diving and watching green and hawksbill turtles, this scenic place is the least developed of the Ko islands, making it the least expensive one to visit. Gorgeous beaches and great cocktails sorted!

Thai Beach

Bali – Bali has lots of gorgeous beaches and they are also great for surfing. Great spot for couples who love the mix between lounging on the beach for few days and sightseeing the island.


Italy – Besides the incredible food & abundance of great wine, Italy is packed full of fascinating history and heritage. There is enough to do & see for years! Some of the best cities (but not limited to) to visit for prime cultural experiences include: Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, Pisa and Verona.

Japan – The culture of the ancient samurai people is rich and offers an otherworldly experience. Visit the Hakone (and cruise on Lake Ashi), the temples, shrines and Zen gardens of Kyoto, the Todai-ji Temple at Nara, and Hiroshima and the Peace Memorial Park to gain a different perspective of the Japanese way of life.

Denmark -Explore a distinctly Scandinavian cultural experience and see why the Danish are so well respected for their way of life. Copenhagen – the compact city is full of galleries, Viking museums, theatres, dance performances, film and live music venues. Another city worth visiting is Aarhus, where Scandi modern architecture meets fairy-tale cottages. Denmark holds the title for 2017 European Cultural Capital for good reasons.

Nighttime shot of the Nyhavn waterfront in Copenhagen, Denmark

Cambodia – Cambodia offers a vast array of different landscapes including tropical beaches, remote jungles, rice paddies, and sugar palm plantations. The cultural gems, however, lie in the country’s magnificent ancient temple ruins, some of the best-known temples the iconic Angkor Wat, elegant Angkor Thom and the ubiquitous Ta Phrom.

Cambodia Honeymoon

We hope this post gives you some honeymoon inspiration & a good dose of itchy feet. Until next week!

Juudit @ Valentina