Halo – The King of Rings

Blog Post: Halo - the King of Engagement Rings

Halo ring is definitely the current leader of the engagement rings. And it has not only been the king of rings this year, but has been growing in popularity fast over the last 5 years.  Every engagement post coming up on Facebook and every #ringgoals Pinterest photo seems to feature the little sparkling beauty. But why is Halo the ring of choice for so many?

Let’s dive in.

Halo Ring

Firstly, let’s define what a Halo ring is. As the name suggests, the ring has a halo circle or pavement of smaller diamonds surrounding the centre diamond.

  • This gives the appearance of a bigger and finer clarity centre diamond, as well as adding further sparkle to the ring. This is the main reason why so many gravitate towards the halo ring setting.
  • Though some believe that Halo ring is just another trend or fad on the engagement ring market, Halo rings actually originate from the 1920s, making the rings timeless yet contemporary.
  • Another reason for the growth in popularity of Halo rings is the fact that celebrities love them!

To convey the popularity of Halo rings among the celebrity crowd, I have put together a slideshow of some of the most recently engaged a-listers and their engagement rings.

The slide features: Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect, Naya Rivera from Glee, singer Iggy Azalea, actress Megan Fox, Ashley Tidsale from High School Musical, Kayley Cuco from Big Bang Theory and pro-golfer Rory Mclroy fiancé Erica Stroll.

The fabulous thing about a ring with a halo setting is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look sparkly and bling. The ring is designed to create the appearance of sparkle and enhance the size of the centre diamond. Here are some of our favourites, from our selection:

Let us know your thoughts on Halo rings, yay or nay?

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