The Ultimate Guide to: Winter Wedding Flowers and Foliage

Winter Wedding Flowers

We have entered a new era of micro-weddings. Covid has resulted in similar guests lists and alterative venues but that doesn’t mean they have to be any less spectacular. Embellish your winter weddings with these unique flower and foliage ideas.

First you need to ask the question of what flowers are in season? What colour scheme are you going for? Flowers can also be expensive so what is your budget? Once you’ve got the main questions answered the next stage is the fun part, choosing which flowers and foliage you want to include. For some, this can be a daunting process as there’s so much choice in terms of colour, size and texture. However, this guide will give you the spark your imagination needs so let’s get straight to it!


A quintessential winter wedding bloom. These gorgeous and versatile flowers have delicate petals and eye-catching black centres. They come in a range of colours such as wide, red, yellow and purple. Symbolism: Sincerity, anticipation and excitement for the future.


A stunning addition to any winter wedding flower arrangement. They are especially popular due to their strong and sweet smell. You can also get sweetpeas in a variety of colours which makes them the perfect staple. Symbolism: Energy, pure heart, thankfulness and sweetness


If you prefer softer blooms with delicate petals, similar to peonies then ranunculus is the perfect option for you. They bloom in winter so are lovely additions to bouquets. Symbolism: Charm and attractiveness.

Calla Lilies :

A classic and sophisticated option for any wedding. The great thing about these flowers is that they can be left on their own or can be arranged with other flowers. They are often used as boutonnieres. Symbolism: Magnificent Beauty, Lust and Sensuality.

Pine Cones :

The ultimate winter wedding decoration. Versatile, festive and come in all shapes and sizes. Use them for the church aisles, table centre pieces or even in your bouquet. Symbolism: Fertility and Enlightenment


Grasses, wheat , fern, dried cotton branches give a rustic and boho vibe. They give a warm and cozy feel while being affordable and are reusable. Symbolism: Growth and Re-birth

Dusty Miller:

The pale and velvety leaves on this plant give a beautiful frost effect which is perfect if you are having a wintertime wedding. Petal heavy blooms compliment this plant well.

Symbolism: Happiness


Not your typical go-to flower for a wedding, but the thistle is sure to give your bouquet an edge. It’s beautiful purple colour can look incredible amongst cream or ivory flowers.

Symbolism: Nobility, strength and graciousness


Classic, beautiful and widely available in all varieties and colours, roses are a no-brainer to add to your winter wedding. A lustful red rose will fit right in at a decadent ceremony.

Symbolism: Romance, Love and Beauty.


Berries certainly give flower arrangements a festive and Christmass feel.For a pop of colour or just something different, they are an awesome choice.

Symbolism: Fruits of Winter, Christian Celebration

Wedding Flowers Infographic

Our handy infographic is packed with great ideas to add a floral touch to your winter wedding.

Guide to winter wedding flowers by Valentina Fine Diamonds