The Emerald Engagement Ring- Your Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Emerald Engagement Ring

Emerald Engagement rings

The Emerald Engagement Ring

In recent years, eye-catching colourful stones have become more popular among budding brides-to-be. Their unique colours and extra flair are among the reasons for this popularity. Emeralds have emerged as leaders in the gemstone world when it comes to engagement rings. Their deep-green, mesmerizing hue makes them instantly eye-catching, and the options are just limitless in terms of cut and design. The hue of an emerald-green stone can range from a deep, deep beauty to a lighter, brighter green, both equally breath-taking.

emerald engagement ring
Oval-cut deep emerald green engagement ring

Origins of the Emerald Gemstone

The emerald gemstone belongs to the beryl family. This is one of the earths many minerals, that is also the base for aquamarine and morganite. Emeralds are extremely rare. They are the birthstone for the month of May. Emerald forms when beryl comes into contact with trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. It is these elements that give emeralds their iconic green colour. Beryl is actually a totally colourless mineral.

Some other interesting facts about the emerald stone you may want to take note of are as follows; emeralds were first mined by Ancient Egyptians. Fifty percent of the world’s emeralds are now mined in Columbia. Like the ruby, slight flaws and inclusions can be highly valuable in these stones. The first synthetic emerald was made way back in 1935. An emerald will appear larger than a diamond of the same carat due to its lower density. The emerald is not as hard a stone as other gemstones and measures between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

JLO Emerald Engagement Ring
JLO Emerald Engagement Ring

Are Emerald Engagement Rings Expensive?

A high-quality emerald is actually rarer than a diamond and therefore tend to command higher prices. But as mentioned, since the emerald gemstone has a lower density than a diamond, they will always appear bigger. Emeralds are bright, beautiful and are a sensational option as a centre stone for your engagement ring. They are also a beautiful option as a side stone feature to add a pop of colour to your forever ring. You can design or purchase a phenomenal emerald engagement ring for as little as €799. Larger emerald stones, accompanied by diamonds can start anywhere from €1,500 upwards.

Victoria Beckham emerald engagement ring
Victoria Beckham emerald engagement ring

When Choosing an Emerald Engagement Ring What are the Key Things to Look Out For?

The most important factor when opting for a coloured stone is the intensity of the colour. You need to ensure the consistency of colouring, the tone of the stone and saturation of the green are all working together to create the perfect hue of green. All these factors are what determines the quality of the stone.

All naturally mined emeralds will have small imperfections in the stone, known as inclusions. They may present as tiny lines in the stone, or a slight cloud but these all add to the overall beauty of the stone. On occasion, an emerald may be treated with oil to fill in these lines and enhance the clarity of the stone. This does not devalue the stone in any way. This is a gemstone treatment to enhance the beauty and colour of the stone.

Emerald-cut emerald engagement ring
Emerald-cut emerald engagement ring

A reservation commonly associated with the emerald gemstone is the fact that it is a softer stone than a diamond or a sapphire. An emerald, is without doubt safe for everyday wear but some tips to ensure the longevity of your stone are as follows; avoid exposing your stone to intense heat as often emeralds are treated with oil. The best way to clean your stone is to use gentle soap and warm water regularly.

Halle Berry Emerald Engagements Ring
Halle Berry Emerald Engagements Ring

What Does an Emerald Engagement Ring Symbolise?

Emeralds are very often linked to the Emerald Isle (Ireland) because of their beautiful green colour and the heritage of the Island. However, the correct heritage of the emerald gemstone is in fact Roman. The Roman people believed the green, emerald stone was the sacred stone of the Roman goddess Venus-Aphrodite, whose godly powers encompassed love, beauty, fertility, and prosperity.

The stone has many other meanings to match its beauty. The emerald stone has forever been linked to hope, the hope of love, a beautiful future filled with passion or hope of a strong prosperous relationship.

An emerald gemstone is the stone of prophecy. This can be taken literally, or it can be interpreted to symbolise a life full of clear and continued communication between partners in life.

The stone is also associated with calmness, a stone to sooth the busy mind. The stone is said to bring its wearer wisdom.

Faithfulness is another trait associated with the stone. A happy marriage filled with love and trust and loyalty.

With so many symbolic meanings we think an emerald engagement ring makes a wonderful choice for a proposal.

Loose Emerald Gemstones
Loose Emerald Gemstones

What is The Best Emerald Cut and What Metal Colour Suits Emerald Engagement Rings?

The beautiful thing about opting for an emerald engagement ring is that all metals compliment the green hue beautifully. Yellow gold, rose gold and white gold are all equally harmonizing to the dazzling green gemstone.

Similar to a diamond engagement ring the emerald gemstone can be cut in every shape a diamond can be cut in. More popular cuts include oval, emerald and cushion. Round and radiant are also popular choice cuts.

Different metals paired with green emerald gemstone
Different metals paired with green emerald gemstone

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