Eternity Ring Guide: Meaning, History, How to Wear

Also known as an Infinity Ring an Eternity Ring is a precious metal band adorned with a continuous line of sparkling gemstones, usually diamonds. There are two types – the full and the half-eternity ring. The full eternity ring boasts glistening  stones around the entire band, whereas with the “half” style, only part of the ring is set with stones.

An example of Half Eternity Ring


What is the History of Eternity Ring?

Historians believe that eternity rings originated 4,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. Considered a romantic love token, “Shen” rings symbolised the eternal and were used by couples to mark special occasions. The eternity ring resurfaced in the 18th century and was often used by suitors as a promise ring. Unlike modern pieces which are usually encrusted with diamonds, 18th century rings typically boasted beautiful coloured gemstones. However, the eternity ring as we know it today was popularised in the 1960s by De Beers. They ran an enormously successful campaign targeting married couples with the iconic slogan, “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going.”

What is the Meaning of an Eternity Ring?

With no beginning or end, the eternity ring is a perfect symbol of never-ending love and devotion. It is also said to represent the eternal circle of life. Laden with meaning, it is a thoughtful gift for significant milestones such as an anniversary or the birth of a child.

What are the Reasons for Giving an Eternity Ring?

To Celebrate a Significant Wedding Anniversary 

An eternity ring is traditionally given by a spouse to their partner to mark a significant wedding anniversary. It is a very appropriate gift for the 60th or Diamond anniversary. However, many people are now choosing it to celebrate their first or tenth year together.

To Mark the Birth of Your First Child 

A truly special life milestone, the birth of a first child is a momentous occasion that deserves celebration. Many people choose to commemorate this precious time with a beautiful eternity ring. Not only does show your partner how much you appreciate the labour that went into the pregnancy and birth, but it also is a great way to symbolise your eternal love and commitment to them.


Man proposing to woman with engagement ring in red display box
Marriage Proposal 

In recent years, many couples have decided to break tradition by using an eternity band as an engagement ring. An ideal option for couples looking for something non-traditional but special, eternity rings are perfect because of their unique look and romantic meaning.

Can you have an Eternity Ring without being Married?

The short answer – absolutely! 

While tradition does dictate that Eternity Rings are only gifted after marriage, many couples today are choosing to buck the trend. In modern times, many people do not feel that they need to get married to show their love but still yearn for a way to demonstrate their unending commitment to their partner. It is in these cases that an eternity ring is the perfect, sparkly solution!

How to Wear An Eternity Ring: Which Finger, What Order?

There are no hard and fast rules about which finger you should wear your eternity ring on. Many people choose to wear it on the third finger of the left hand. However, if you are already wearing your wedding band and engagement ring on that finger you can place it instead on the same finger of your other hand.

If you want to wear your wedding, engagement and eternity ring on the same finger you will need to put some consideration into how you order them. Some people place their eternity ring between the two, with the wedding band worn closest to the hand, whereas others put the eternity on top followed by the wedding band then the engagement ring. Depending on the size of your rings, wearing them altogether can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. If you would prefer to separate them out, then you could sport the eternity ring on the left-hand ring finger.

Types of Eternity Rings


1. Choosing A Style

When selecting an Eternity Ring, the first thing you should consider is whether you would like the gemstones around the entire band or half the band. Most people opt for the half-eternity style as it is lighter– making it a more practical option for day-to-day wear. However, true glamour pusses will love the sparkle of a full Eternity Ring which beautifully glistens from every angle.

2. Choosing a metal

€ € € € Platinum

One of the most precious metals on Earth, Platinum is the most luxurious option for Eternity Bands. Given its fabulous lustre, high purity level and hard wearing durability; it’s not hard to see why this has remained as the classic choice for Eternity Rings. One of the most famous examples of a platinum eternity ring was the one that Joe DiMaggio gifted Marilyn Monroe on their wedding day


Princess cut diamond half eternity

Princess cut diamond half eternity

€ € € White Gold

White gold is one of the most popular metals for Eternity Rings due to its durability, affordability and timeless style. Bands in white gold are a great choice because they beautifully complement the diamonds. One of the most famous examples is worn by Queen Letizia of Spain who received a white gold eternity band with 16 diamonds from Prince Felipe of Spain in 2004.

€ € Palladium

Palladium is an ideal option for those looking for the same lustrous silvery-white finish as Platinum but without the price-tag. You can be sure that a Palladium eternity ring will exquisitely complement the natural beauty of the stones.


3. Choosing the Settings

The ring setting refers to the style used to hold the diamond in place. To make an informed choice about your Eternity Ring, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the settings.

Prong / Claw Setting 

The prong (or, claw) setting is perfect for eternity bands as it ensures that more light can reach the diamond resulting in a stunning, sparkling effect. This timeless style secures the diamonds with a metal setting which runs up the side of the stones and overlaps slightly at the top.

Channel Setting 

In a channel style setting, the metal forms a channel or groove at the two edges of the ring between which the stones are set. A practical choice, rings featuring a channel setting are well protected and are less likely to snag on clothing.

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When choosing an eternity ring for your someone special, the most important thing is to remember their tastes. We hope this guide gives you all the information you need about Eternity Rings, but don’t hesitate to contact Valentina’s expert team today if you have any extra questions.