Destination Weddings for Irish Brides

Blog Post: Destination Weddings for Irish Brides

Ever considered a destination wedding? Dreaming of getting married under the sun but not sure where to start your search for the perfect location? This post is for you! Below we have outlined the best popular spots & some unique gems for Irish brides thinking of tying the knot outside of Ireland. The world is your oyster – do it your way!


Most popular locations: Algarve, Lisbon, Madeira, Sintra

Algarve – Romantic scenery of white-washed chapels perched atop cliffs and golden beaches and clear waters. Perfect for beach weddings.

Summer wedding in the Algarve

Lisbon – capital city of Portugal offering various types of venues suitable for all tastes.

Romantic Wedding in Church Ruins in Lisbon, Portugal

Madeira – island of Portugal situated in northwest coast of Africa, has stunning beaches, dramatic mountains and is great for a holiday wedding destination

Bride and Groom kissing on top of a mountain in Madeira Island off Portugal

Sintra –  Sintra’s historic center is a world heritage of UNESCO and it was recognized as the most romantic village in the world. Perfect village for couple who wants a vintage wedding. With stunning palaces, astonishing nature, and incredible views everywhere you go.

Wedding venues in Sintra, Portugal


Great warm weather with plenty of sunshine from March to October, guests can make a holiday out of their stay, very competitive prices, Portugal is known for its award winning beaches (especially in Algarve region), incredible Mediterranean food & wine


Hiring a wedding planner is strongly recommended, must give guests plenty of notice & some may not be able to come, flights & accommodation prices rise at high season, can be very hot end of July & August (average of 29°C)


There are two legal forms of marriage in Portugal, Civil and Catholic. You are unable to marry legally in other religious ceremonies as Portugal is a Catholic country. Some couples marry legally in a small ceremony in their country of origin and then a have a full religious blessing in Portugal with all of their family and friends. This cuts out on a lot of paperwork and it is possible to make your blessing look very much like the real thing, so your guests do not have to know you are already legally married. You can also choose to have a Civil ceremony in Portugal and then have your religious blessing afterwards.



Most Popular Locations: Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Italian Riviera, Umbria, Lake Como

Tuscany –  well known for the beautiful countryside, elegant villas and rustic farmhouses.

Tuscany wedding destination

Amalfi Coast – popular for the spectacular coastline and sea views.

Romantic Amalfi Coast

Rome – ideal city for a chic, elegant wedding.

Bride and Groom kissing in Rome