7 Outdoor Ceremony Tips

Outdoor Wedding Tips

With the sun shining down on Ireland ever so warmly and the summer barbeques hitting the grill, it is time to talk about outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies have hugely grown in popularity over the last decade and more couples than ever before are braving the unpredictable Irish weather to say their ‘i do’s’ in many spectacular outdoor locations across Ireland.

So if you are currently staring at your beautiful engagement ring whilst planning an outdoor ceremony this post is for you. Below are 7 tips to get you started:

  1. Get Legal Permission

If you dream of getting married in the countryside, up in the mountains or in the forest, there is a good chance that your dream land belongs to a local farmer or the county council. Find out who the land belongs to and get legal permission to be able to have your ceremony there. You do not want to be found trespassing and getting fined, or worst case scenario: getting kicked out on your big day!

Irish Castle Wedding

2. Be Weather Wise

This is obvious to state, but the Irish climate is pretty much unpredictable. Therefore we recommend you have umbrellas, blankets and sunglasses ready at your ceremony in case they are needed. It is also wise to take into consideration the strong winds Ireland experiences and try to opt for locations that provide some sort of shelter against the wind. It may sound dreamy to get married on top of a mountain but in reality, that can mean gale force winds, messy hair and shivering guests.

wedding in the rain

3. Can Your Guests Hear You?

Depending on your location & the size of your wedding party – sound may just be your biggest frustration when it comes to planning an outdoor ceremony. While you can get away with acoustic music for an intimate ceremony in a sheltered outdoor location, it’s a whole different story when you have 100+ guests and a potentially windy location. In this instance, we recommend getting a tech guy who will help to advise you in regards to sound systems and instruments that work with outdoor elements.

outdoor music at wedding

4. Decorations

Outdoor ceremony decor can be your playground for creativity. Florals, balloons, glitter, mismatched seating, draping white fabric, candles – whatever you fancy. Of course, the size and volume of decorations depends on your outdoor backdrop and how easily accessible the location is (wouldn’t fancy carrying suitcases of things to a top of a mountain). Signs are another must have, both functional & stylish. Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to this.

Outdoor seating

5. Seating

Hay bales, wooden chairs and mismatched seating are all popular options for outdoor ceremonies. It is wise to consider chair rental places, transportation of the seating and comfort level your guests will need. For example, your 86 year old great aunt probably will not fancy sitting on hay bales.

hay bale seating

6. Advise Your Guests on Dress code

Let your guests know that the ceremony will be taking place outdoors so they can bring an extra layer if needed, and a pair of flats if the ceremony location is not exactly easily accessible.


7. Plan B?

It is definitely wise to have a backup option in case the weather really does not co-operate. This way, you won’t be frantically checking the weather app every day for weeks leading up to the wedding and can truly enjoy your day whether it rains or shines.

indoors outdoors

Best of luck with all the planning!

Juudit @ Valentina