7 Great Proposal Tips

Proposal Time

1. Ask For Permission

Proposal Time
She said yes!

While you don’t necessarily need permission, it can be a nice nod to the family to let them know of your intentions.

A young man and an old man sitting outside in the sun
Will he ever just get to the point…

2. Location

Pick a location that you both love, perhaps where you went on your first date or somewhere in nature like the mountains or the beach.  If you are planning on jetting off somewhere, keep the engagement ring in your carry-on and not in your pocket as it may set off the metal detector.

Romantic proposal at sunset.
How romantic was that!?

3. Time of Year

An engagement ring at a time of year that she loves such as Easter, Halloween or Christmas will only make it more special.  Choosing a time of year to propose that she is not enthused about may help brighten that season for her Chocolate and Diamonds!

4. Simple or Elaborate

If you have a creative bent, an elaborate proposal can be wonderful.  You may need to elicit help from family and friends to pull it off.  A Simple proposal is definitely the easier option. 

suprise her with diamond engagement ring
Suprise Proposal Idea

5. Photographer

Proposal photos that capture her surprise are becoming more popular.   Pretend a photographer friend needs to take some shots for their portfolio. Have them capture the exact moment when you she turns around and you are on one knee with a diamond ring in hand.

Black and white photo of a young couple kissing in a field

6. The Speech

What should you say?  Speak from the heart.  Preparing something simple to say about your bride to be is a good idea.  It’s likely you may not get to finish your sentence.

engagement ring: important tips
Don’t forget to tell her you love her!

7. The Ring

Propose with or without a ring?  Choosing the ring yourself can be fraught with danger.  Is it the right ring, colour, size, style? At Valentina Fine Diamonds we can provide you with a promise ring to seal the deal with your lovely lady.  When she says YES you can return the promise ring and choose from our selection of engagement rings including solitaire engagement rings.

Floral mount diamond ring
Floral mount diamond ring