Valentina’s Valentines: 6 fail proof ideas

Blog Post: Six Fail-Proof Ideas for Valentine's Day

Are you the type of person who’s love life is taken out of a scene from ‘The notebook?’ Or are you and your partner more likely to be protesting against this ‘invented commercial holiday.’ Either way we have have some fantastic Valentines ideas for you!


1. Go classic

On Valentines dinner nobody wants to be clashing elbows with the PDA couple sitting next to you in that crammed ‘popular’ restaurant in town. Instead, light up your own living room or kitchen with some fairy lights and candles and show her that you’re a culinary heart throb (don’t worry if you aren’t Jamie Oliver when it comes to cooking, us girls always appreciate the effort.)


2. Light up the sky

Is she a dreamer? Born for the stars? Have you always wanted to have your name ‘up in lights’?
Well make this Valentine night quirky, romantic and humorous. Write your and your so’s name in big writing on a Chinese lantern, then after a nice meal or a walk hand in hand along your favourite path light it up and watch your glowing names float gently together into the stars…. Ryan Gosling WHO?!


3. ‘Where art thou Romeo’

This one might make you cringe deeply… But that’s the point. If it does… then this is for you! That is exactly why you should write her a poem. There are many sensitive and poetic men out there who are magicians with a pen.. Paradoxically this is really an idea for those who aren’t. Your loved one will be beyond surprised and will melt at your attempt as you read out the heartfelt words. Even if you try and rhyme ‘heart’ with ‘kiss’ you will win one million brownie points for effort.


4. Mr dressmaker

This is not an original idea but still rarely attempted as it is not for your average Joe, this is verging on Casanova territory. For a James bondesque bold and confident romantic statement let her come home after work to find a new dress laid out on the bed picked out and bought by yourself. Have a romantic note along side the dress with instructions of where you are headed next. (p.s keep the tag on for insurance and know her size!) This one is a high stakes bet!


5. Floating love

Whatever you decide to do on the night, start with the most important message: Grab that marker pen and 6 plain helium balloons. With a large letter on each balloon keep it short and sweet and spell out ‘I LOVE U’ (feel free to add in more balloons for better grammar and spelling or personalise your message). Have each balloon anchored to the ground with your special message floating in the room. You can spend the rest of the night giggling around with your best chipmunk impressions!


6. Something more alternative

Does your partner cringe at the site of a candle lit dinner and rose pedals under their feet? Well that is no reason to hide under the covers on valentines day! You can have an alternative evening and send your endorphins soaring at a comedy club! No doubt you will enjoy the endless jokes poking fun at those others hopeless romantics sold into this (probably following our other valentines ideas above!! )



Whatever you choose to do, we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s! ❤️

Juudit @ Valentina