5 Things to Consider Before Buying THE Ring

Blog Post: Five things to consider before buying an engagement ring

This blog post is not about the obvious 4C’s (colour, cut, clarity, carat) one needs to know about before buying an engagement ring. It’s the other, often overlooked details, that will really bite you in the end if you neglect to take them into consideration when shopping for the one ring your future spouse will hopefully wear forever. Let’s dive in.

Irish Marriage Proposal
Irish Marriage Proposal


1) Shop Local

A romantic weekend in New York might inspire you to purchase an engagement ring from the Big Apple, nothing wrong with that! The trouble, however, begins if there are any sizing/quality issues with the ring. Namely, if you purchase a ring with side diamonds and it happens to be too big and you want to get it resized..well my friend, you are in for some trouble. A good jeweller will tell you that reducing the size of a ring with side diamonds is a risky business as eventually, the diamonds might start falling out from the sides of the ring, therefore it is recommended a brand new one is made to fit your specific size. This is not a big deal if you purchased from your local jeweller, however, if you have purchased the ring abroad it might(read: will) take a long time to get a new one made, plus you have to be very careful with finger chart sizes. It may easily take up to 3 months or longer. You have been warned.

Similarly, if it’s a white gold ring, it will need to be re-coated annually (depending on wear & tear) and your local jeweller normally does this for free.   

2)Contemporary vs Classical

Engagement ring trends, as all trends, come and go. Take time to consider what is important to you & your partner and what type of ring you will both still enjoy looking at 5,10,50 years from the date it was purchased. A well-selected engagement ring will stand the test of time and can become a precious heirloom in the family.

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3)Matching Wedding Band

You would be surprised how often we come across couples who have found the perfect engagement ring but find it extremely difficult to find a matching wedding band that goes perfectly with it. Take time to consider the options of matching wedding bands prior to purchasing the engagement ring.

Due to the high demand of matching engagement rings & wedding bands, we have created a brand new collection focusing just on that – seamlessly matching engagement & wedding rings!


4)Surprise Proposal vs Picking the Ring Together

This seems like a pretty obvious thing to consider, but many people are clueless as to what is the best option. It all comes down to individual couples and communication within the relationship. If you are clueless as to what kind of a ring your partner will like, the safest option is to get a sample ring from the jewellers and come back together after the proposal to pick out the ring together.  



If you are spending your hard earned money on a diamond ring you better get it insured! This will put you both at ease. The absolute terror of losing the ring, getting it stolen or it strangely disappearing (bathroom sinks are known to be the worst for swallowing these precious diamond beauties) is just not worth the few euros you will save on not getting the ring insured. This is good for your relationship, trust us on this one!

Engagement ring insurance
If you have anything else you would like to know or discuss when it comes to picking the ring we would love to chat with you!