5 Engagement Ring Trends that Will Sparkle in 2021

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2021 hasn’t hit off the way we had hoped. However, the dull days are looking brighter, there is a sparkle on the horizon and not even a global pandemic can stop love.Whether you’re the handsome Prince getting ready to go down on one knee or you’re a couple that wants to share the magic of ring shopping. Or maybe you just want to give your partner a hint hint, nudge nudge. Engagement season is blooming and we want to give you all the 2021 inspiration to start your journey.

1. Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is back and better than ever! This precious metal momentarily dropped in popularity as it was considered less contemporary. However, in the last year many have returned to classical designs which celebrate yellow gold. Another reason behind this resurgence is women wanting to match their engagement ring with their other jewellery. Simple gold hoops, chains and pendants have been everywhere, so a yellow gold engagement ring is a no brainer for gold lovers. Yellow gold can also look amazing on brown or olive skin tones, the warm undertones will accentuate the gold and make your diamond or gemstone pop!

We’ve kept tabs on this goldrush and have made sure we’ve got it covered. Our new yellow gold collection features halo, solitaire and gemstone engagement rings.

2. Blue Gemstones

After watching Princess Diana in ‘The Crown’, a wave of sapphire hit our shores. However, it’s not just about Sapphires. Other blue stones such as Tanzanite, Aquamarine and Tourmaline burst into popularity in the latter half of 2020. These gorgeous blues are here to stay and will be holding firm in the style books for 2021….and beyond.

Blue gemstones are some of the most rare and precious stones in the world. Ancient civilisations believed they symbolised great value, meaning and healing properties. So, if you are into good vibes and horoscopes then look no further. From the rich indigo hues of Sapphires to the tropical shades of Aquamarines. There is nothing more alluring than a blue stoned engagement ring.

At Valentina Fine Diamonds we have an enchanting collection of blue stoned rings which include Sapphires, Tanzanites, Aquamarines and Blue Topaz.  Discover a curated a selection of rings online and instore which feature halo, vintage and three-stone styles. So, sit back, relax and let us show you the magic.

3. Lab Grown Diamonds

Oh, how we love Lab Grown Diamonds. Ethical, sustainable AND affordable……yes please. Lab grown diamonds have grown exponentially in popularity in the last 5 years with couples opting to get a bigger stone at better value, all while putting the environment first.

But what are lab grown diamonds? They are chemically and structurally identical to mined diamonds, the only difference is that they are grown in a lab, thus use less resources. The great thing about lab diamonds is the end result is outstanding. Lab grown diamonds generally have a high colour and clarity, meaning that they get top marks on the 4Cs! These diamonds come in every shape, size and style so they cater to every individual.

If lab grown is for you then you are in luck! We provide two different services for our lab diamonds. Customers have the option of selecting a ring from our collection or they can avail of our bespoke service. You choose your diamond! If you want a round, oval, emerald, pear or cushion cut we’ve got it covered. Next you choose your style – solitaire, halo or three stone. Finally, you choose your metal and voila... your DREAM lab grown ring! View our blog post on the difference between lab diamonds and natural diamonds.  

4. Minimalism

Since the influence of Scandinavian design a minimalist approach to fashion, interiors and architecture has been all the rage. Less is more with a focus on small details and aesthetics. This trend has trickled down into engagement rings too, with an emphasis on thin bands, dainty diamonds and subtle settings that are sure to deliver ‘understated chic’. 

The great thing about a minimalist engagement ring is that they are ideal for budget as well as style. You can opt for a smaller diamond or no diamonds at all. Alternatively, if you want a pop of colour, gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds can add a subtle wow factor. They are also more price sensitive than diamonds so are kind to your pocket too. Another advantage of a minimalist engagement ring is that you can build and stack them with other rings such as your wedding ring or eternity bands. This can turn a simple ring into a statement, the options are endless.

Valentina Fine Diamonds hand selects each individual ring, with every unique woman in mind. We are proud to say we have the perfect collection of minimalist rings, just for you.

5. Halo

Undoubtedly the most popular engagement ring trend over the last 10 years. But whatever is in must go out right? Nope, not for halos. These engagement rings seem to be an impenetrable trend. Instead of going out of style they have simply evolved.

Delicate halos and thin bands have replaced clunky diamond shoulders and thick halos. There is more of an emphasis on gently accentuating the centre stone rather than drowning it. Another trend has been to be more adventurous with the diamond shape. Firm favourites amongst celebrities have been emerald, oval and pear shapes which have influenced ring trends for us normal folk.A really gorgeous detail that you have probably seen across pinterest and instagram have been secret halos. Instead of the diamonds encircling the centre stone they sit just below it, giving the ring a subtle but eye catching sparkle.

If you dream about halo engagement rings and wake up with stars in your eyes then we have a treat for you! Our newest collection of engagement rings at Valentine Fine Diamonds are a joyous assortment of halos that will tick the trend boxes for a lifetime.

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Feeling inspired? We certainly hope so! If you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for check out our website or head over to our Instagram. Discover our various collection of engagement rings including Sapphire, Three-Stone, Vintage.