10 Easy DIY Projects for Your Wedding

DIY Wedding Ideas

With the rise of Pinterest, DIY weddings have become more popular than ever. It can be too easy to get caught up in the little details and many brides end up spending hours upon hours of their valuable time on unnecessary projects. And let’s be honest, in the end, many of these DIY projects are just not worth all the manual labour and all the money you end up spending in the crafts store. There are easier ways to make your dream Pinterest wedding come to life.

I have searched high and low to find the best easy DIY wedding projects. Even if you don’t consider yourself very creative or artsy, below are some projects that even a 10-year-old child could make (meaning: even you are capable of doing)!

So take off that sparkly engagement ring, put on your gloves and let’s get the DIY party started!

  1. Hula hoop Chandelier

Want to add some ambience to your venue with a fancy looking chandelier? Well this could not be any easier or cheaper! Grab some string, white fairy lights and a hula hoop. Wrap them around the hula hoop, secure with some glue & strings and hang it up. Boom – fancy!

2. Tulle Balloons

Balloons are a great and a cheap way to decorate your wedding. Want to make them a little more special? Just wrap some sheer tulle around them and tie at the bottom with a ribbon.

wedding balloon decorations

3. Heart Sticks

Buy some kebab sticks, cut out some heart shapes, glue the hearts together and tape them on the stick. Voila – you now have decorations for an outdoor aisle, flower pots, drinks or whatever else you choose to use them for.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Idea: Hearts on Sticks

4. Gold Mason Jars

You can’t do a DIY wedding list without including mason jars! No wonder they are so popular – they are very easy to decorate. Buy some gold paint or spray and cover the mason jars with it. Pop some florals in there and your centrepiece is ready. For extra glam, you can also cover the painted jars in glitter.

Golden Jars used as Vases for Wedding Table Centrepiece

5. Ferrero Favours & Place Cards

This is a great idea for combining the wedding favour & the place cards. It’s a yummy treat that your guests will love & the presentation looks gorgeous. Buy ferrero roche in bulk, buy toothpicks and print out name tags

Ferraro Rocher Chocolates for Wedding Guests Display

6. Pallet Wedding Program

Most people have some old pallets laying around the house, or if not, it is cheap to buy one. Use paint to write the wedding program on the pallet.

DIY wedding programme

7. Photo Frame or Beautiful Backdrop Deco

Use an old frame of a painting, add some greenery and/or flowers and it makes for a beautiful photo frame or as a standalone venue decoration.

Photoframe detail

8. Sole Mates

Etsy offers a range of different stickers you can stick to the bottom of your shoes to make your wedding outfit that extra bit special. Most stickers range from €5-€15.

Wedding Ideas

9. Light Up the Reception

More mason jars! For this you need battery operated small led lights, stick them in mason jars and place them in your venue for some mood lighting.

10. Honey Fund Frame

For creating your own gorgeous honey fund frame you need: a shadowbox (it’s a must), a picture for the frame and a gold sharpie paint pen. You can get a shadowbox from ikea for €10.00 (goes by the name of ‘RIBBA frame’).

Print out the photo, stick it in the frame and write ‘honey fund’ on the glass part of the frame. Place it on a table in your venue and watch the dolla bills gather.

Honey Fund

Best of luck with your DIY projects!
Juudit @ Valentina